Blankets of Love | With Love Barbara

Lori’s mother, Barbara Stollar, came to Kendallville Manor in a weakened state. She said she was tired and cold. A CNA placed a blanket on her which made her feel safe, warm and loved. That evening when her daughter, Lori, came to visit, Barbara told her how she wanted to make a blanket for every resident so they can feel safe, warm and loved. Lori got the supplies, and Barbara was able to tie 3 knots on one blanket before she was not able to help. 

Lori completed her mother’s wishes and presented Kendallville Manor with 35 blankets, each with the words “With Love, Barbara” machine-embroidered on them. Barbara was always thinking of others. What a wonderful legacy.

Left to right, Kim Stanley (Administrator), granddaughter Trisha holding greatgrandson Connor, daughter Lori Recker, and Jenell Dixon (DON).


Photo captions:

photo 1:Lori Recker holds the blanket her mother tied 3 knots on. This blanket was then given to Barbara’s brother, also at Kendallville Manor.

photo 2:Left to right, Kim Stanley (Administrator); Barbara's grand-daughter, Trisha, holding great-grandson, Connor; Barbara's daughter Lori Recker; and Jenell Dixon (Director of Nursing).